Thementic is Now a TemplateMonster’s Vendor!

The number of professional web-designers, who are sharing their work at TemplateMonster Marketplace, is constantly growing. It is no wonder that another team decided to join this huge family and sell their works. Now, you can salute Thementic and get familiar with their ready-made solutions.
This vendor has already uploaded more than 180 templates to the marketplace. These are high-quality templates crafted for online-stores. Among them, you can find different variants for the most popular niches like food, fashion, cosmetics, jewelry, kid’s clothes, and others.
What are the central features of the templates provided by Thementic? Let us look through them quickly.
1. First of all, it is a one-click installation. You do not need to apply any efforts to install the purchased template.
2. Then, we should mention their user-friendly customization process. If you are not very familiar with coding, it will not be a big challenge to personalize your online-project.
3. These eCommerce templates also have fully-responsive designs. It means that people can view your online-store using various devices.
4. The package also has a blog module. You can always share some additional details and attract more attention to your business.
5. There is also multilingual and multi-currency support. You are free to translate your website into different languages to grow the number of your customers.
6. You can also add a large number of eCommerce options. Among them, you are going to find a cloud-zoom, product wishlist, different product types, and others.
7. They also have a well-organized product page. In such a way, it is possible to present your items in the best possible light, show their pictures, and share some details.
We are sure that they can easily meet your needs and provide you with the essential online-store functionality. Now, you can get familiar with the best products by Thementic and choose something that suits your taste.