Thementic grants you following three kind of possible license to use the products (the “products”). The Products Sold through our website with these Terms and Conditions (the “license”) issued by Thementic , as follows:

Regular License means this template may be bought by other people after you purchase that. It is also developer license includes Photoshop files. If you purchase products at Regular License, then you may be granted use on any domains. You are able to use each individual product on a any websites, belonging to either you or your client. You can modify template as per your requirement but can not resell our products.

Licensing FAQ


Can I resell the Thementic product at regular license?

No, you can not resell any Thementic product under this license.

Can I customize Thementic products?

Yes, you can customize the Thementic products to any any additional requirements. You can mot use multiple products mixedup with eachother.

Will you guide / help me to customize template?

We do not provide any instructions or help on template customization , but you can use our help center http://www.Thementic .com/support/ . If you can not customize the template we recommend to hire us or other company.

Can I resell the template after customized?

No, you can not resell the template after customized. But you can sell to your customer as project under regular license.

Are there any restrictions for using images, cliparts and fonts from the template I purchased?

All images, fonts and clipart icons used in our products are royalty-free and are the part of products. You can use images, fonts and clipart icons to develop one project only. Any kind of distribution or separate usage is prohibited.

I would like to add copyright, can I place Copyright ?

Yes, you can add your own copyright to protect your content after customized our template. You can remove copyright link

Can I use the logo to design any other corporate identity?

Yes, you can use logo to design any other corporate identity but you can use it only for one company.

Can I change/place my logo on template?

Yes, you can change/place logo on our templates.


If you have any questions about our conditions or licensing please send us an email at :